The worksheets are a great organizational resource and will help maximize your time when seeking advice. Download or print out the worksheets that pertain to your current portfolio. Worksheets are broken down into categories; you may not need them all. Most important, make sure to use separate worksheets for qualified and non-qualified income and assets. Click here to enter WORKSHEET SECTION.




As you complete the worksheets, move the relevant information to the spreadsheet. You need only one spreadsheet. Download or print out the spreadsheet and move the information from the worksheet to the appropriate line on the spreadsheet. Click here to enter SPREADSHEET SECTION,




Step back and review the summary portion on the spreadsheet and ask yourself the following questions. Based on what I have read in Positioning 4 Retirement:

  1. Does my retirement fit my expectations in relation to how my assets are positioned, qualified versus non-qualified? Am I too strong in one classification?
  2. What percentage of my funds are at risk versus not at risk? (Remember the Rule of 100.) Am I comfortable with that?
  3. To what extent do I need an estate plan? Are the legal documents I have adequate? Do I feel legally protected?
  4. Is my current team performing well for me, and are the team members meeting my expectations?

If you find yourself in a quandary or in need of assistance but not sure where to turn, Positioning 4 Retirement has taken some of the worries away. Proceed to Step 4.


Get Professional Advice

If any of the questions in Step 3 are concerning to you, bringing the issue to your team’s attention is a priority. If you do not have a team of professionals or are uncertain whether your team is meeting your expectations, Step 4 will help you solve your concerns.  

By clicking on FIND A PROFESSIONAL, you will find professionals to assist you who have been screened by the Retirement Education Resource Center of North America, Inc. These professionals understand and meet the expectations discussed in Positioning 4 Retirement. As professionals ask to be listed, they go through a qualification process and will appear in this section if the Retirement Education Resource Center of North America, Inc. determines they meet all guidelines that have been set for a qualified professional. 

If you choose to go outside of the team of professionals offered on this website or there is no professional listed in your area, click CHOOSING YOUR TEAM PROFESSIONAL for a questionnaire designed to qualify team professionals in the area of expertise you need. This will help in the process of finding a qualified professional.

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