Positioning 4 Retirement was written by Mark Cardoza to help people make the best of their retirement, whether already at that stage or planning for it. His goal is to help them understand the intricate plans and programs for retirement and to illustrate the importance of positioning these plans to optimize control. In his experience, many people are unaware or do not understand their retirement plan, its function, the components, and how each component responds and reacts with the other parts. Positioning 4 Retirement's objective is to help our society better understand the programs they are working with while directing them to build a healthy retirement portfolio with options and choices to fit their goals. 

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About the Author

Mark CardozaMark was born in Easton, Massachusetts and has lived there ever since with his wife Janice.  Together they have raised three children who are now adults. 

After  graduating from Johnson & Wales College with a degree in Hospitality Management, Mark entered the corporate world.  In 1994, he creating Whistles Express Restaurant, a diversified restaurant concept. 

In 2002, Mark was asked to help a family member settle an estate and quickly learned about insurance and its role in estate planning.

Shortly after, his father became terminally ill and Mark learned about long term care needs, such as Medicare and Medicaid. He also learned what it means to care for a frail person while protecting assets without public assistance.

In 2004, Mark became licensed in Life and Health Insurance. He quickly became engulfed in the industry, learning the intricate functions insurance programs play in the role of asset protection, retirement, estate, and eldercare planning.

Mark realized that as an entrepreneur he could apply his gut instinct, business knowledge, humanitarian approaches and service skills to the insurance industry in a manner that would benefit his clients. These are qualities that have helped him be successful.   

In 2006, the need for his services  was so strong, Mark sold his restaurant and began working full-time in the insurance industry. He sought to educate and protect his clients while working in cooperation with Estate Planning Attorneys and CPAs.  

Mark established M. Cardoza Insurance, Inc. in 2011. He holds the designation of CLTC (Certified Long Term Care) specialist and certified in the area of trusts and estate planning. 

Honesty, integrity, and transparency are what he has built his practice on. Informing and educating his clients is an ongoing task in order to keep up with the changing industry.  



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