Retirement Education Resource Center of North America, Inc.

Welcome and thank you for inquiring about becoming a team professional with the Retirement Education Resource Center of North America, Inc. (RERCNA). Before spending time applying, please review the team membership agreement and the Criteria 4 Consideration to see if you agree to the terms and meet the minimum qualifications to become a team member. Applications are reviewed by the committee, and professionals are added to the team as needed. 

The publication, Positioning 4 Retirement, and its affiliated websites are the properties of the Retirement Education Resource Center of North America, Inc. and are viewed as the same. 

Membership Agreement

  1. RERCNA supports the concepts, practices, and suggestions presented in Positioning 4 Retirement. Professionals accepted to RERCNA are expected to follow and adhere to the concept, practices, and suggestions presented in the book, Positioning 4 Retirement
  2. RERCNA reserves the right to release team members to the market based on market demand. Markets are broken down according to professional expertise and geography. Once accepted, RERCNA will announce your service and link your website to Positioning 4 Retirement’s. 
  3. Updated information may be required prior to accepting a member. RERCNA reserves the right to reevaluate and accept or refuse professionals based on updated information.
  4. Prior to acceptance, the professional agrees to present evidence of insurance and any other documents reasonably requested. 
  5. Once a membership is accepted, a non-refundable annual fee will be billed to you or your firm. 
  6. RERCNA has the right to stop supporting professionals that do not support the concepts, practice, and suggestions expressed in the book, Positioning 4 Retirement, without notice.
  7. Agreement is good for one year, and either party has the right to refuse to update or refresh its affiliation with RERCNA without dispute. 
  8. Team members hereby agree to indemnify, defend, and hold RERCNA, its affiliates, website partners, publication partners, and other team members harmless from and against any loss, incidental, special or consequential damage, liability, cost, or expense for any negligent or wrongful act or omission or misrepresentation by RERCNA relating to the information from this Membership Agreement or any of its links including, without limitation, reasonable attorney’s fees.    
  9. Team members have the privilege of recognizing RERCNA and Positioning 4 Retirement as an affiliation to their practice for promotional publicity and advertising purposes. All promotions, advertisement, and publicity referencing RERCNA and/or Positioning 4 Retirement must be approved by RERCNA prior to its use.
  10. Prior to acceptance, the professional must present for approval all marketing organizations they are affiliated with. The marketing organizations must also be accepted by RERCNA.

If you accept the agreement and meet the criteria, please complete the application pertaining to your area(s) by clicking on the appropriate link below:

Areas of expertise


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