In Positioning 4 Retirement, Mark Cardoza has shown an outstanding ability to demonstrate clearly to the reader the need for retirement planning and the many choices available when undertaking such an activity. Mark writes insightfully about the need for preparing for retirement while focusing on the potential pitfalls involved and related choices and modifications that may be required with respect to maximizing the value of income and assets and minimizing taxes. The author explains the necessity for the selection of an independent team of experts when the time comes for retirement planning and convincingly indicates, it cannot come too soon in one’s lifetime. He properly emphasizes that each person does indeed have individualized objectives and needs when undertaking such planning. He explains the concept of qualified funds and non-qualified funds with clarity at the beginning of the manuscript and expands upon their meaning, use, and interacting properties throughout the text.

The author classifies financial products into proper categories throughout the text and defines and discusses annuities with clarity. The time-value of money concepts are included in the illustrations. The worksheets and spreadsheet add a wonderful dimension to the text and contribute to a clearer understanding of difficult concepts.

It is with great pleasure that I most highly recommend this outstanding text.

Mary J. Phelan, CPA, MBA, MA
Former IRS Revenue Agent
Accounting Professor, Quincy College
Research Associate, Framingham State University

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